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In an effort to extend the Immortal Cash campaign for the Colorado Lottery into social media, Cactus developed the Immortalizer App for Facebook. The app works with either a webcam or an uploaded photo, enabling users to convert an image of their face into a vampire and share it with their friends.

"We wanted to make sure that our entire campaign added to vampire culture," notes Matt Chiabotti, associate creative director with Cactus. "Just like the tv spot, our goal was to engage with those who love vampire culture and give them a way to play with the Lottery."

While the primary goal of the Immortalizer App is to engage with Lottery players, by adding a Like-gate, it also serves as a Facebook "Like" campaign.

To check out the App and Immortalize yourself, click here.

Click here to check out the Immortal Cash tv spot.

Cactus Credits
Brian Watson ACD
Matt Chiabotti ACD / Art Director
Mike Lee  Social Media Director
Drew Dahlman  Lead Developer
Mike King Copywriter
Lauren Hudson Account Planner
Vanessa Louis Account Executive 



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