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RECOVERING ____________

When the Mental Health Center of Denver tasked Cactus with developing an integrated awareness campaign, our goal wasn't just to increase the name recognition for MHCD, but also to change the conversation around mental illness and educate the public that recovery can and does happen. 

The integrated campaign features bold, bright colors not at all like the muted and careful palette normally associated with mental illness.  Most significantly, the entire campaign is built around the word "Recovery."  The Mental Health Center of Denver was among the first in the nation to base its model on recovery and is a national leader in its techniques and success rates for helping individuals recover from a mental illness. But despite impressive advances and achievements, the prevailing perception is that there is no recovery for those who've experienced a mental illness.

"Our creative team was very moved by the personal stories of recovery they heard, " said Norm Shearer, Creative Director and Partner at Cactus.  "When an individual recovers from mental illness they recover much more than their mental health. They recover their lives, relationships, careers, and more. Thus "Recovering ___________"  will appear in all of the materials to capture the essence of this individual experience. We want to capture the individual nature of each person's experience in order to bring a human element to the campaign."

The campaign, which launched October 3rd in conjunction with National Mental Illness Awareness Week, includes: 
  • OOH 
  • Digital OOH
  • 16th Street Mall buses
  • A wallscape at 15th & Champa St
  • Print advertisements
  • Online advertisements
  • Banner ads on www.mhcd.org that match the campaign
  • Sponsorship of Colorado Pubic Radio ads/programs
  • Banners on the Mental Health Center of Denver buildings
  • Wrapped trucks

CD - Norm Shearer
Account Director - Amy Taylor
Art Director  - Matt Chiabotti
Copywriter - Elliot Nordstrom
Interactive - Drew Dalhman & Brianna Burton



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