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Cactus was hired to design and produce the product sample book for one of Hunter Douglas' premiere brands, Luminette® Privacy Sheers & Modern Draperies.  

The sample book is the key component of the Luminette brand identity and is the main tool used in the market to showcase the product and sample the fabric offerings. Sales reps and dealers rely on the sample book to tell the Luminette story and benefits to prospective customers. Consumers, on the other hand, need the book to tell a story visually and in simple, top-line messaging. They need to identify with the product and recognize that Luminette offers what they are looking for to complement their home sophistication, quality and selection. 

We set out to ensure that the sample book lived up to Luminette's premier reputation in its content, in its functionality and in its design. We restructured the content in order to communicate product benefits more efficiently. We rethought the functionality to help sales reps and dealers present samples more effectively. And we redesigned the appearance to more quickly make the impression that Luminette is an elite product line. 

From exquisite professional photography and top of the line materials to innovative fabric sampling devices and carefully crafted copy, every detail was designed to capture the elegance and upscale quality of the Luminette brand. 

Since our design called for sampling devices that had never been created, we needed to partner with a sample maker that was capable of developing new techniques and producing the specifics and intricacies of the book with the highest level of finish. Our search took us to Shenzhen, China. 

The result? 

The 2011 Luminette® Privacy Sheers & Modern Draperies Sample Book won the award for Best Sampling Program at the 2011 Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) Product Awards.  

Read more about Luminette® Privacy Sheers & Modern Draperies here.


Creative Director: Norm Shearer

Art Director / Designer: Jorge Lamora

Copywriter: Elliot Nordstrom

Account Director: Amy Taylor

Account Executive: Monica Hemmert

Photographer: Ron Crofoot

Retoucher: Mike Newman

Sample Maker: Sampling International



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